Sunday, March 31, 2013


Harlem is a very short poem written by Langston Hughes during his life time of 1902-1967. To me the poem seems to have absolutely nothing to do with Harlem, it is about what happens to a dream. The poem does actually make you think, and I feel that it represents different kinds of dreams we can have whether it be a night mare, or just a plain average dream. I do not feel that good or sweet dreams are represented in this poem. Mostly we are asked if the dreams are simply dissipating with time or if they swell up and consume us. A good dream would bring us excitement, pleasure, and we would never want to forget it. Unlike those portrayed in the poem that simply dry up, and dissipate over time or, the dreams that fester and become heavy loads. Those are the dreams that drag us down or instill terror through nightmares. If you are not one who believes in dreams then this poem would have little to no meaning to you because I do not think there is anything else you can pull from the poem other than dreams. 

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  1. I agree I did not see the connection of the poem with Harlem. I'm a native New Yorker, born and raised in Harlem so I've seen what goes on in Harlem however I did like the poem.