Sunday, March 31, 2013

The Glass Menagerie

The Glass Menagerie is a play that was written by Tennessee Williams during his life time of 1911-1983 that debuted in 1944. The play stars four main characters Amanda, Laura, Tom, and Jim O’Connor who are living in St. Louis, during the 1930’s. The whole play is a memory brought to life from the mind of Tom who also narrates the play. Tom is the son of Amanda. He works in a warehouse everyday and struggles with alcohol and the constant hounding of his mother. Amanda is an overly concerned mother who wants the best for her children and, for Laura to find a man to marry. Laura is the daughter of Amanda; she is very shy and self-conscious due mainly to a brace and limp in one of her legs. Jim O’Connor is a coworker of Tom, who becomes a gentleman caller to Laura towards the end of the play. As the play starts off Tom explains the setting and history leading up to the start of the play. Amanda, Tom and Laura all live in the same apartment in St. Louis. Amanda constantly heckles Tom about work and taking care of his sister Laura. Eventually Tom brings home Jim O’Conner a gentlemen caller for Laura to satisfy Amanda. Laura is initially against the idea and refuses to have any interaction with him, but she does eventually warm up to him only to find out that he is already in a relationship with another woman.

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