Sunday, March 31, 2013

The Road Not Taken

The Road Not Taken is a famous poem written by Robert Frost during his life time of 1874-1963. This poem is about the struggle we all face when it comes to either an everyday decision or a life changing event. The character in the poem chose the path less taken and in the final line he states it has made all the difference. From that I feel as though we can take from it that not all the time is societies ideas or path always the right one for us, we must our own individual determination on which path to take. Granted driving over a cliff or taking the bridge is one where we all pretty much obviously would say to take the path over the bridge. My point is that not all the time is the social norm the right path to take, sometimes the path less traveled is better. One other way I feel one can read this poem is with the mind set of believing in God or not believing in Him. Whether it was Frosts intentions or not every time I read this poem I always feel like the path less taken is the one choosing to have faith and believe in God. 

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  1. You brought up a good point. I never thought about comparing this poem to religion, but it really is true (unfortunately). I have a whole new perspective on this poem now. Your post has got me thinking...